Applied to joint surgery surgical oscillating saw

The types of the medical bone saw include:

  1. No power system

In the past, people’s medical technology was not developed. In the face of orthopedic surgery, people only invented some simple surgical bone cutting tools. It includes a variety of unpowered hacksaws and saber saws.

  1. Sonic cutting

The sonic cutter is still in the process of experimentation, it is a device that uses sound to cut. The material (bone) is cut by high frequency, high amplitude sound. Acoustic wave cutters have always been the focus of attention.

  1. Reciprocating motion

This type of bone cutting device is applied to a specialized cutting tool by rotating vibration to provide a smooth and controllable bone incision. The reciprocating bone cutter is used for various applications from skull cutting to rib cutting. The surgical oscillating saw is a reciprocating bone cutting machine.

About surgical oscillating saw:

The surgical oscillating saw is mainly used for joint type surgery and is divided into knee joint and hip joint in joint surgery. When performing bone surgery and treatment, the surgeon uses a surgical oscillating saw to cut the bones of the injured or damaged area to purify the end face of the bone. This kind of bone is more efficient and accurate than the traditional manual equipment, and can effectively meet many needs in the operation.

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