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How does a plaster saw work without touching the body?

Let’s talk about the history of plaster saws. The plaster saw (“Plaster cast cutter”) was first patented by Homer H Stryker in the 1940s, and the most common cast cutting saw used today still bears his name: Stryker. In his patent application, the plastic surgeon wrote: “My improved tool is very effective at cutting castings or […]

What problems should attend to when using a bone drill?

Bone drills are electronic devices used to drill holes in bones to enable the insertion of nails, screws, etc. (also known as orthopedic twist drills) that are typically used during surgery. Electric bone drill bits are divided into bone drill bits, pendulum hammerheads and hollow drill bits. Precautions before using the bone drill: Metal allergy […]

What do you need to know about medical bone drills?

Using bone drill Battery charging Connect the charger to the power source and the power indicator light flashes green. A fully charged battery that has just been charged cannot be used immediately; You should wait until the battery energy is completely converted to chemical energy storage. After about half an hour, you can use it. […]

Ancient bone saw surgery and modern bone saw surgery

Ancient Bone Cutting And Modern Bone Cutting. Cutting and shaping bone in orthopedics and orthopedic surgery is an important surgical step. Modern bone saws are a version of electricity developed in conjunction with traditional bone saws. Compared to traditional bone saws, modern bone saws greatly enhance the benefits of surgery. For example, the protection of […]

Visit Our Africa Health 2019

Africa Health, South Africa’s Johannesburg International Medical Equipment Exhibition (Africa Health) is a medical industry event held by the British Informa Exhibition Group to open up the African market. It started in 2011, once a year, and the South African International Medical Equipment Exhibition will be on the African medical market. The huge business opportunities […]

Where can I buy medical cannulated drills?

How to use the cannulated drill correctly? The medical equipment produced by Ruijin includes cannulated drills, which are medical devices based on various orthopedic surgery practices. It features drilling, grinding, bone sawing, milling, and cutting. The use of the cannulated drill is very simple and convenient, with the characteristics of optional rotation, reversal, and high […]

Visit Us at HOSPITALAR 2019

HOSPITALAR is the most important local and foreign market in the medical field. It offers products for hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, private clinics and clinics, providing an ideal platform for innovation, solutions and services. The hospital provides exhibitors and visitors with the opportunity to start a business, establish new connections, deepen relationships, create brand awareness and […]

Bone drill use and precautions

Bone drills are ubiquitous in many surgical fields, including orthopedics, neurosurgery, craniomaxillofacial and ENT. Cylindrical channels are typically made in the bone using a bone drill to accommodate screws or other threaded devices for rigid fixation provided by the integration of bone (cancellous bone and/or cortex) with the threads. Bone drills are also used in […]

Use of swinging bone saw

Swing Bone Saw Function. Handle use: special handle for medical operation, automatic disinfection. The combination of precision machining and precision assembly ensures the internal quality of the entire machine and feels comfortable. We offer professional saw blades for easy operation. Battery: the battery is safe and reliable, small in size and high in energy. Long […]

The effect of using a bone saw

In the past, Gigli and manual saws were used. It has now been replaced by pneumatic and electric saws. Over the years, bone saw blades have been significantly improved in manufacturing and design to improve accuracy and reduce the side effects of bone cutting. Despite the progress, there are still many adverse effects. E.g: Saw […]