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Power Tools For Orthopedic Surgery

As medical standards improve, various surgical power tools appear in the operating room. Today’s surgical power tools can be reused in hundreds of patients because the hospital is rigorously cleaned and disinfected after each operation, which is the most common. To ensure safety, disinfection is repeated once before each use. However, disposable accessories such as […]

Do you know the principle and use of plaster sawing?

First, Composition and use: The plaster saw is composed of the electric main machine, transmission shaft, bushing, eccentric shaft, bearing, transmission clamp, circular saw blade, linear saw blade and casing, front cover, fixing screw, power cord, and wire plug. The product was removed by a hospital orthopedic surgery and the gypsum bandage was removed. The […]

The Neurosurgical Drill

The neurosurgical drill is a medical device for minimally invasive craniotomy for neurosurgery clinical surgery. The structure is simple and convenient to use. It includes a drill body, a rocker, a shaft, a drilling card, a drill bit and a pair of intermeshing bevel gears, and the drill body is arched. A pair of bevel […]

How to clean surgical instruments?

Surgical instruments can be contaminated with bacteria, blood, etc. during the operation, so how to clean the surgical instruments is something that surgeons and medical professionals need to pay attention to, and it is also our concern. But even the most expensive and innovative surgical instruments present today cause many problems if they are not sterilized […]

Best Tool For Cutting Plaster

When the soft tissue of the ligament is severely strained or fractured, plaster is required. It mainly protects against ligamentous muscles being pulled again by external forces and acting as an effective external fixator for fractures. But gypsum itself is not a drug, and the plaster needs to be removed when the body recovers. The […]

Cranial Perforator Drill

As medical technology gradually progresses, many treatments or surgeries that ordinary people do not dare to think about are continuing to explore and progress. Successful cases are also increasing. For example, some scary operations: craniotomy, heart-bridge surgery, nails implanted in the body, etc. Everyone thinks incredible medical technology has achieved great success in a specific […]

Craniotomy Drill for Skull Osteoma

Osteosarcoma of the skull is a common benign tumor characterized by slow growth, painlessness, and unclear borders with the surrounding skull. Can occur in any part of the skull, with the frontal and parietal more common, other skull and skull base bone less common. Osteomas are usually single, but there are multiple or polystimulation in […]

Medical Sternal Saw

With the constant development of the economic level, the goal of comprehensively achieving a well-off society that I have always pursued is about to be reached. The average people’s consumption level has improved and the days have passed. You can eat before you can’t eat it. However, behind this, we are also facing an increasingly […]

Medicall 2018,We Await Your Visit!

Medicall is the largest medical equipment exhibition in India,with a wide range of high quality branded medical equipments.Medicall’s original goal was to promote entrepreneurship in medical philanthropy. Ruijin Medical as a professional manufacturer of medical equipment, we pay more attention to the r&d and design of products.Our company has a group of professionals with extensive experience in […]

Do you know the structure and introductions of craniotomy drill?

The craniotomy is one of the basic operations of neurosurgery. This is also the basic step of most neurosurgery operations. Some people worry about drilling into the cranial tissue. Please rest assured. Ruijin craniotomy drill has self-protection design, craniotomy drill in the above structure, the shell smooth, easy to handle, feel good, to better solve […]