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Cannulated drill

Cannulated drill (also known as coring drills, steel plate drills, hole drills), the standard name for the multi-edged steel plate drill. It adopts the form of multi-blade circular cutting. It uses the drill to cut only the outer diameter annular part of the hole without cutting the middle part, thus greatly improving the drilling efficiency. […]

We Will Meet You at FIME Medical Expo 2018

FIME is the largest health show in the Americas, more than 1200 healthcare manufacturers from around the word.The annual FIME expo is an opportunity for medical device professionals to showcase equipment, accessories, and services.FIME focuses on four medical industries: technology, products, supply, services, and equipment. Ruijin Medical take this opportunity to present our latest research results:The latest series […]

The medical bone drill report

Questale recently released a report on the global medical bone drill market. The report provides a useful explanation for the product and its niche market. The report is called the “Global Medical Bone drill Market”. Questale is one of the largest market research companies in the world. The Questale report has a good track record […]

Surgical Sternal Saw

The composition of the sternal saw: The surgical sternum saw of Ruijin Medical consists of a power section (motor), a transmission section, and a hand-held power saw system. The transmission section is connected to the power system and the hand saw system. The rotation of the electric motor is changed to the push-pull vibration by […]

The role of craniotomy drill

Let Ruijin Medical introduces two basic ways to open the skull: Acurving incision from behind the hairline, in front of the ear, arching above the eye at the nape of the neck around the occipital lobe. The surgeon marks with a felt tip pen a large square flap on the scalp that covers the surgical area. Following […]

What is the veterinary orthopedic drill?

A veterinary orthopedic drill is used for veterinary trauma surgery. It can also be used for human hand and foot surgery, usually used to drill bones to fix screw devices or screws. Veterinary orthopedic drills are mainly used to reconstruct cruciate ligaments during surgery, most of the time they are used for drilling. By drilling holes in […]

How To Maintain Medical Bone Drill?

The medical bone drill is a common instrument product for patients during surgery and is mainly used for clinical operations such as cutting, drilling, and grinding bone tissues. Extending the service life of medical bone drills will greatly reduce the cost of surgery. How to maintain medical bone drills? Ruijin explains to you now. First […]


Ruijin medical is a specialized enterprise that integrates R & D, design, manufacture, and sales of department of orthopedics surgical instruments, and it has many national patents. Today, I bring you a detailed introduction of NM—100 MEDICAL MULTIFUNCTIONAL DRILL SAW SYSTEM which is widely applied in joint surgery, trauma surgery, neurosurgery and thoracic surgery. The […]

The evolution of orthopedic bone saw

Orthopedic diseases have been a chronic disease that has plagued people and it is difficult for young or old people to survive. Because there was only a slight tingling at the beginning and it did not hinder daily activities, there was little concern. It is also because of the lack of attention, so for a […]

The role and specification of cannulated drill

If someone has severe trauma that causes a broken leg or arm and causes serious damage to the soft tissue, assistance can be provided through medical tools in the medical community. So which tool do you use? The medical cannulated drill is a choice for this function. Cannulated drill is mainly used for intramedullary nailing […]