Best Tool For Cutting Plaster

When the soft tissue of the ligament is severely strained or fractured, plaster is required. It mainly protects against ligamentous muscles being pulled again by external forces and acting as an effective external fixator for fractures. But gypsum itself is not a drug, and the plaster needs to be removed when the body recovers. The commonly used orthopedic equipment for dismantling gypsum is mainly manual plaster saws and electric plaster saws in clinical orthopedics.

Manual plaster saws are more laborious to operate and the removal of plasters is too slow. Electric plaster cutting saws are commonly used in hospitals. The gypsum is cut through the high-speed rotation of the circular saw blade. The advantage is that it is fast and saves manpower, but its safety is relatively poor. Because the saw blade does not have any protection measures when cutting plaster. The patient’s skin under the plaster and the cutting depth of the saw blade is not easy to control, so it is easy to damage the patient’s skin, increasing the fear of the patient, but also increased the difficulty of the doctor’s work.

Raising the doctor’s working efficiency on the premise of ensuring the safety of the patient is the pursuing of Ruijin Medical for more than ten years. The now available orthopedic cast saw combines modern technology. The most important thing is that this plaster cutter machine can only work on hard objects and it stops when it encounters soft objects. This ensures that the electric plaster cutter will stop when it meets the body, so patients and doctors don’t have to worry about it.

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