The role and specification of cannulated drill

Cannulated drill

Cannulated drill (also known as coring drills, steel plate drills, hole drills), the standard name for the multi-edged steel plate drill. It adopts the form of multi-blade circular cutting. It uses the drill to cut only the outer diameter annular part of the hole without cutting the middle part, thus greatly improving the drilling efficiency. Combined with a magnetic drill, etc., drilling at any time can be realized on site. Compared with ordinary twist drills, the efficiency is higher and the cutting is lighter.

Cannulated drill generally requires the configuration of high-quality hollow drill bits. Hollow drill bits are of various types and specifications and are applicable to various brands of imported magnetic drills (magnetic drills). This product is used with magnetic drills, drilling efficiency is 8 to 10 times that of ordinary drills. It can provide effective surgical services during medical procedures.

Cannulated drill bits (multi-edged steel plate drills, also known as core drills) are high-efficiency drills with multi-blade ring cutting. The drilling diameter is from 12mm to 150mm and is mainly used for drilling steel components, such as steel structure engineering and rail transit. , bridges, ships, machinery manufacturing, aerospace medical and other hole processing fields, but in recent years due to the development of medical technology, it has also been widely used in medical surgery, its drilling performance is significantly better than the traditional two-blade twist drill, It has the characteristics of high drilling efficiency, light, and effortless drilling.

Cannulated drill bits are hole-making tools that are more suitable for portable tools. However, due to the complex manufacturing process of cannulated drill bits and the inability to process blind holes, it is not common to use in metal cutting. It is usually used only when machining the through holes of large-diameter or precious metal workpieces or the power of drilling equipment is limited. Since the hollow drill bit does not have a standard-setting product, most of the cannulated drill bits used for special material processing must be self-developed. Ruijin medical production cannulated drill can be customized according to actual needs production of medical products.

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