Do you know the electric gypsum saws

Do you know the electric gypsum saws?

First, product composition and use.

The electric gypsum saw is composed of the electric main machine, transmission shaft, bushing, eccentric shaft, bearing, transmission clamp, circular saw blade, linear saw blade and casing, front cover, fixing screw, power cord, and wire plug. The product is used to remove plaster bandages on patients.

Second, characteristics.

Features strong power, light design, stable operation, low vibration, low noise, safe and reliable.

Third, how to use the electric gypsum saw.

  1. Before use, check if the saw blade is flat and whether the installation is firm. When installing the saw blade, simply tighten the cap with the 5mm hex wrench in the clockwise direction.
  2. Before the operation, after the electric gypsum saw is disinfected with formalin, the main switch is turned on to start the machine.
  3. When working, the machine sets the speed control switch, selects the cutting position according to different materials.
  4. When working, grasp the electric gypsum saw and slowly place it on the plaster to be cut. Vertical gypsum face cutting and do not cut it to the bottom.
  5. Vertical gypsum face cutting, lift it forward, then slowly place it in the lower section to be removed, and repeat the above process until the task is completed.

Fourth, note:

1.When the power plug is plugged into the power socket, close the power switch of the electric gypsum saw to prevent danger.

  1. When using, check whether the saw blade is flat, whether it is missing teeth, and whether the installation is firm.
  2. Do not use excessive pressure during use. Appropriate pressure should be applied when the saw blade has oscillated.
  3. When the saw blade suddenly gets stuck in the gypsum cutting part, the power should be cut off, Instead of repeatedly switching, so that the motor load suddenly increases or decreases, and the motor is easily damaged.
  4. During operation, If the temperature of the casing is overheated, it should be suspended. Use it after cooling, otherwise, the motor will easily cause overheating and burn.
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