How to clean surgical instruments

How to clean surgical instruments?

Surgical instruments can be contaminated with bacteria, blood, etc. during the operation, so how to clean the surgical instruments is something that surgeons and medical professionals need to pay attention to, and it is also our concern. But even the most expensive and innovative surgical instruments present today cause many problems if they are not sterilized before and after use and properly stored. This is why hospitals and medical institutions have invested a lot of money and energy to find effective cleaning and disinfecting surgical instruments. Next, Ruijin Medical will introduce you to the method of cleaning surgical instruments.

  1. Automatic cleaning sterilizer or AWD

The use of automatic washer-disinfectors or AWD is currently the most common method of cleaning surgical instruments. The surgical instrument is placed in the AWD in the correct manner, and the AWD will thoroughly clean and disinfect the surgical instrument in one cycle. Of course, this requires high-end technology to maintain the integrity of the surgical instrument and avoid external wear.

One important point to note during the operation is to place the surgical instruments in the basket so that they can obtain the spray and water with the same measures. This way you can not only sterilize, but also thoroughly clean and leave no chemicals.

However, if your surgical instruments are too large or too small, they are not suitable for AWD baskets. Even if it can be placed in a basket, the cleaning and disinfection process is not ideal. This can be avoided if you have previously ordered a specific ADW basket based on the size of the surgical instrument.

  1. Cleaning the spray on the surgical instrument

When the surgical instrument is used and temporarily stored, it may be overly dry. When the instrument is too dry, it will be more difficult to clean. So use a specific cleaning spray to keep the instrument moist before putting it into the proper cleaning machine.

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