How To Maintain Medical Bone Drill?

How To Maintain Medical Bone Drill?

The medical bone drill is a common instrument product for patients during surgery and is mainly used for clinical operations such as cutting, drilling, and grinding bone tissues.

Extending the service life of medical bone drills will greatly reduce the cost of surgery. How to maintain medical bone drills? Ruijin explains to you now.

First of all, medical bone drills are used for up to 10 minutes at a time, and should not be used continuously for a long time. Second, the charger power cord should avoid contact with oils, chemical solutions to prevent erosion and mechanical damage. Third, the key to extending the lifespan of medical bone saws is to use the correct method of installation and use.

High-temperature and high-pressure steam sterilization is a method currently used in medical-surgical power tools, which prevents the steam generated by ordinary steam sterilizing devices from entering the motor housing and dampens the coils of the motor and affects normal use. However, the new medical power tool uses a unique closed chamber design. The high-efficiency steam desiccant can completely remove water vapor that enters the motor housing during disinfection, and only needs ordinary steam sterilizing devices.

In addition to disinfection, the battery also needs maintenance. It can be used after half an hour after the full charge. It will take half an hour to charge the battery after use. The surface of the charger, battery main unit and accessories can be cleaned with alcohol gauze to prevent blood and other substances from remaining on the drill and affect the next use.

Ruijin Medical can answer more questions about the maintenance of surgical power tools and look forward to your inquiry.

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