How To Remove A Plaster Cast

How To Remove A Plaster Cast

Gypsum removal is performed by qualified and experienced medical personnel. The risk of injury to the patient may be involved and should be done with great care.

The following are the necessary equipment for dismantling plaster:

Scissors, Bending machine, Electric plaster saw, Cleaning the body material, Support bandages or appliances.

Gypsum removal equipment options:

Unskinned and firming gypsum can be cut with gypsum sc

issors; fully filled castings can be cut with an electric plaster saw.

Removing plaster requires attention:

1.The noise of electric plaster saws scares some children and may use scissors.

2.In this process, patiently explain to the patient and prove that the equipment you will use can make them feel at ease.

In the process of removing the plaster, the TCM staff should stay calm and can talk with the patient to distract him.

3.The limbs in the plaster should be supported by sandbags. When cutting the lower extremity model, the patient should lie on the side. When cutting the upper extremity model, the patient can sit down or lie down. The patient’s limb should be covered with linen and properly placed. If necessary, the position of the limb may change during the operation.

4.Electric gypsum saws do not cut the skin when cutting gypsum, but to ensure the safety of the patient, patients should be informed in advance that the cause of the blade heating may cause discomfort.

5.The plastic skin protection tape can be inserted in the cutting area between the casting liner and the patient’s limb. This protects the skin from knife wounds.

Electric cutters can only be used to cut completely filled castings.

When using an electric cutter, make sure to:

  • There is no strain on the cable and there is enough cable for surgery.
  • The cable must not be near the cutting blade.
  • Keep the operator’s hand dry.
  • Regularly check and repair equipment.


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