How to take off a plaster cast with plaster saw

How to take off a plaster cast with plaster saw?

The electric plaster saw is composed of an electric main machine, transmission shaft, axle sleeve, eccentric shaft, bearing, transmission pliers, circular saw blade, linear saw blade and case, front cover, fixing screw, power cord, and wire plug, etc. This product is used in removed plaster bandage after fixed、reset. it uses the electric source to drive the electric main machine to rotate, and the eccentric shaft drives the transmission pliers to transform into a reciprocating swing and sawing gypsum to achieve the purpose of removing the plaster bandage,  during use in the surgery does not injure person’s skin.

The Ruijin brand motor uses double insulation protection to ensure the safety of operators and casualties. The machine features powerful power, light design, stable operation, low vibration, low noise, safety, and reliability.


  1. Before use, check if the saw blade is flat and smooth if it is missing teeth, and whether the installation is firm. When installing the saw blade, simply tighten the cap with the 5mm hex wrench in the clockwise direction.
  2. Before the operation, the plaster saw is disinfected with a formalin solution, the electric host is turned on, and the main switch is turned on to start the machine.
  3. When working, the machine sets the control speed switch, selects the cutting speed and force according to different materials, and the normal use 5 files gear can.
  4. Hold the saw tightly while working and place it slowly on the plaster to be cut. Cut off the vertical plaster surface. If it is not very sure, do not cut it one time to the bottom (although the saw has soft tissue protection).
  5. Perpendicular cut the gypsum surface, lift it forward, then slowly place it in the lower section to be removed, and repeat the above process until the task is completed.
  6. When the saw blade is used for a long time, when the serration becomes dull, just use a 5mm hex wrench to loosen the cap in a counterclockwise direction and then rotate the saw blade, then tighten it clockwise to use.


  1. When the power plug is plugged into the power socket, be careful not to touch the power switch of the plaster saw at will to prevent danger.
  2. When using, check whether the saw blade is flat, whether it is missing teeth, and whether the installation is firm.
  3. Do not make oneself have oversize pressure during use. when saw blade wobbles, make pressure reasonable.
  4. When the saw blade suddenly gets stuck in the gypsum cutting part, the power should be cut off at once and pick it up slowly, instead of turning off the power switch and turning on, so that the motor load suddenly increases or decreases, and the motor is easily damaged.
  5. The temperature of the motor casing during operation increases with time. If the temperature of the motor casing is overheated, it should be suspended use. Please use it after cooling, otherwise, the motor will easily cause overheating and burn.
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