Medical Bone Drill

Medical Bone Drill

The use of medical bone drill:

1, the battery loading and unloading: open the handle on the lid, put on the isolation channel, wrap the battery with sterile gauze, the battery head is aligned with the hand slot  into it, remove the isolation channel, cover the handle cover, reverse Rotate the hour hand button and place the handle on the soft object’s desk. The back-end knob of the bone drill body rotates clockwise to R, which is a forward rotation. The rear end knob of the main unit rotates counterclockwise to L, which is reversed.

2, battery charging: The battery needs to be charged after half an hour of use.

  1. Disinfection: The charger and battery are strictly prohibited. The main unit is placed on a stainless steel mesh rack and sterilized at a temperature of 135 degrees for 20 minutes.

4, Cleaning: In order to prevent residual blood on the drilling tool, the next use will be affected. The surface of the charger, battery, host, and accessories needs to be cleaned with a clean gauze that is free of toxic alcohol.


Medical bone drill precautions:

  1.  The Medical bone drill is a short-term product. It can last 10 minutes, but it cannot be used for a long time.

2, the battery is strictly prohibited under high temperature and high-pressure sterilization. After use, the battery should be removed from the bone drill and placed in the box. If the battery is not used for a long time, it cannot be charged and discharged to avoid battery aging.

3, charger power cord cannot accept the oil and chemical solution erosion and mechanical damage.

4, the use of the instrument nurse should master the various functions of the instrument and the correct installation and use of methods, pay attention to maintenance, extend the life of the machine.

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