Medical multifunctional electric drill saw

Medical multifunctional electric drill saw

The medical multifunctional electric drill is a different drill saw assembly installed on the multifunctional drill saw the host, thus becoming a different use of the saw. Its main feature is the ability to change different components quickly and easily, saving time and money.


The following categories describe the types of components installed:

1: Bone drill attachment

We have two kinds bone drills.During surgery, the main plate used to fix the wound is mainly punched.One of the advantages of dual-use bone drills is the easy exchange of drill chucks. A drill bit and a screwdriver can be installed.

2: Canulated drill attachment

There is three kinds of the cannulated drill.It is mainly used for Kirschner wire and intramedullary nail surgery in trauma surgery.

3: Sagittal saw attachment

Sagittal saws are mainly used for joint surgery. They are knee surgery and hip surgery. Among them, the use of saws in knee surgery is relatively large.

4: Sternum saw attachment & reciprocating saw attachment

The sternal saw is used for thoracic surgery. When it is installed, the protective sheath is removed and replaced with a reciprocating saw blade to become a reciprocating saw. Reciprocating saws are mainly used for joints.

5: Cranial drill attachment & Cranial mill attachment

Both are used for craniotomy, in which the cranial mill has been improved and used more flexible.


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