Medical Sternal Saw

With the constant development of the economic level, the goal of comprehensively achieving a well-off society that I have always pursued is about to be reached. The average people’s consumption level has improved and the days have passed. You can eat before you can’t eat it. However, behind this, we are also facing an increasingly serious ageing population, and some common diseases have to be taken seriously.

The heart disease caused by people’s bad habits leads people to think deeply. Such as regular irregularities, smoking, drinking coffee, drinking, overeating, etc.; work is facing tremendous pressure, neglect of decompression; often frowning, yelling and shouting, can not adjust the attitude; often outdoor sports, especially foggy Time and so on. These are all incentives that can cause heart disease.

If you need to perform related operations when you are serious, you will inevitably face open arms. Is to open the sternum, open the chest, so that doctors can better repair the lesion. However, one can rest assured that with the development of modern medical technology, a sternal saw, a power tool for sawing the sternum during chest surgery, has been developed.

This tool has been widely used in thoracotomy because of its compact design, high speed of sawing, safety, reliability, and flat wound. And it has a blade sheathing function to ensure that the chest soft tissue during surgery is not damaged. Relatively patient’s trust was also obtained.

For professional medical companies, Ruijin Medical constantly adapts to new trends and developing more new medical tools.If you need, welcome to contact us.

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