Oscillating sternal saw

The oscillating sternal saw is a medical device designed primarily for the characteristics of the human sternum and thoracotomy. It uses advanced and unique sawtooth technology to create the perfect combination of knife and saw, fast cutting speed, small trauma, and smooth wound.

During the process of cutting the sternum, the patient’s sternum produces no less than 4,000 vibrations per minute due to the high-speed reciprocating motion of the saw blade. Such high vibration frequencies cause a degree of trauma to the patient, causing capillary rupture. It is especially important to alleviate the trauma of the patient. It requires extremely fast cutting speeds to reduce high-frequency vibration damage, increase reciprocating frequency, and increase cutting speed, but at the same time bring higher vibration frequency, so increasing the cutting speed at the right frequency is the perfect solution.

The oscillating sternal saw consists of a power section, a transmission section, and a mobile phone. The transmission section is connected between the power system and the collection, and the mobile telephone is a hand-held power saw system. The rotation of the motor is converted into reciprocating push-pull vibration by an eccentric shaft system in the mobile phone, thereby driving the saw blade to work. The function is as follows:

  1. Unique edge saw blade, double-edged sawtooth, innovative traditional saw blade manufacturing process, a perfect combination of knife and saw
  2. When the sternum is cut, the suture is small, the surface of the incision is smooth, and the healing is successful. The cutting effect and service life are more than twice that of conventional saw blades.
  3. Small size, high torque brushless motor, low noise, high power, strong power, flat winding, fast cutting speed
  4. Infinitely variable speed, efficient power transmission system, providing lossless power transmission
  5. Complete safety protection system to ensure safe operation,
  6. Integrated structure, durable, long life and low cost of use
  7. For the design of children’s skeletal features, successfully complete the incision of the child’s sternum
  8. The saw body and connectors are made of stainless steel.

The oscillating sternal saw is suitable for the operation of the midline incision of the sternum and can completely expose the lower neck and chest. Such as sternal health goiter, mediastinal tumor, open heart surgery.

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