Safe&Effective Design for Orthopedic Surgery: Bone Drill

  1. Use and characteristics of bone drill:

The bone drill is a medical device commonly used in orthopedic surgery and has the highest frequency of application in fracture surgery. During the operation, the medical staff needs to use a bone drill to drill holes in the patient’s bone surface and finally complete the operation.

Battery-type medical orthopedic bone drills are used to drill and cut bone tissue during hand and foot surgery. There are many types of bone drills, and the choice of bone drills is different for different surgical procedures.

  1. Structure:

Battery-type medical orthopedic bone drills are completely made up of the main body, battery, power adapter, etc. The power adapter is not included in the operating room as an accessory to the product. The device should not be used in the presence of a flammable anesthetic gas or a mixture of nitrogen oxides.


Ruijin ND-5001 miniature bone drilling rig.

The miniature bone drill is made of high strength stainless steel. Lightweight, low noise, easy to carry, short working time, long working time, strong and stable power output, improved structure, easy to use, variable speed triggering, and the best balance. All of these advantages of the product are consistent with the traumatic process. High temperature and high-pressure disinfection.

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