Surgical Sternal Saw

Surgical Sternal Saw

The composition of the sternal saw:

The surgical sternum saw of Ruijin Medical consists of a power section (motor), a transmission section, and a hand-held power saw system. The transmission section is connected to the power system and the hand saw system. The rotation of the electric motor is changed to the push-pull vibration by the eccentric shaft system in the hand-held electric saw system. Therefore, the saw blade of the sternal saw can be driven.

The characteristics of the sternal saw:

Simple structure, mature technology, safe and reliable, sawing speed, smooth wound and so on.

Application of sternal saw:

Suitable for mid-incision sternotomy surgery, can fully reveal the lower neck and chest. Although median sternotomy is primarily associated with cardiac surgery, it is a useful incision for other surgeries. The incision can also enter the thoracic cavity and can be used for chest surgery, retrosternal goiter, mediastinal tumor open heart surgery, and esophagectomy, etc.

Surgical procedures:

  1. The patient is lying supine with a small cushion on the bottom of the sternum to make the sternum project upward.
  2. Make a curved incision from the suprasternal notch or slightly to the right (or left) until near the xiphoid process and return to the midline until 4 cm below the xiphoid process.
  3. The skin incision is peeled slightly to the left or right, exposing the midline of the sternum. After the periosteum is cut with an electric knife, the loose tissue is peeled off from the upper part of the sternum and is tightly attached to the sternal stem.
  4. Use a sternal saw to saw the sternum open longitudinally from the bottom to the midline. Pay attention to the depth of the saw and the upper and lower ends of the sternum to avoid damaging the adjacent tissue.
  5. After sternal incision, use bone wax and electrocoagulation to stop the pleura from the back of the sternum and pull the incision.
  6. Close the front view of the chest and place the drainage tube. The sternal halves are closed with a stainless steel wire and interlocked with 8 stitches. This method can avoid the direct perpendicular force of the steel wire to the sternum, and can strengthen the side wall of the sternum. Close the sternum more tightly.

Ruijin Medical is a professional sternal saw manufacturer with more than 10 years experience.Give us a chance, you will receive a surprise.


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