The application of bone saw and bone saw surgery

A bone saw or saw a cutter is a group of tools used to penetrate or amputate bone. Since amputation did not become a surgeon’s job until the mid-19th century, so bone saws are one of the most commonly used tools for surgeons and the most important part of all their tools, although scalpels are now the most commonly used tool for surgeons.

Bone saws or bone saw blades and reciprocating blades are typically used to cut small and large bones in a way that enables the best surgical outcome for the patient.

There are several different bones saw surgery:

  1. Unpowered – Unpowered bone cutting implements include varieties of hacksaw and saber saw. In many applications, the saw is used in specialized jigs to provide accurate, measurable cuts, e.g. in knee surgery.
  2. Specialized saws such as the Gigli saw, a cable made of sharp strands of wire, are also used in some procedures.
  3. Reciprocating – Usually a powered rotary oscillation is applied to a specialized cutting implement to provide smooth controllable cuts into bone, for applications, from skull cutting to rib cutting, which is usually used where precision is necessary.
  4. A sternal saw is a reciprocating bone cutter, used for cutting through the sternum during chest surgery.

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