MD-1001 Orthopedic Bone Drill

What do you need to know about medical bone drills?

Using bone drill

  1. Battery charging

Connect the charger to the power source and the power indicator light flashes green. A fully charged battery that has just been charged cannot be used immediately; You should wait until the battery energy is completely converted to chemical energy storage. After about half an hour, you can use it. The battery you just used also takes half an hour to charge, because there is a film on the battery board that takes time to decompose, and the battery has no memory.

  1. Loading and unloading of batteries during surgery

Turn the knob clockwise into place, then remove the handle cover, place it on the isolation channel, pack the battery with sterile gauze, place the battery with the small head down, aim the socket at the socket in the handle, and insert. Close the isolation channel, then cover the handle cover and turn the knob counterclockwise into place.

After the procedure, open the handle cover, hold the handle, and tap gently until the battery falls on the soft object on the mat. (Make sure the battery does not fall on the floor to avoid damage.)

  1. Handling of other components

Please directly insert other components to quick chuck, and then you can use them. When you want to unload the chuck components, just push the outer coat backward to the end.

  1. Disinfection:

The bone drill main body was placed on a stainless steel grid and sterilized at 135 ° C for 20 minutes. The charger and battery do not need to be sterilized.

  1. Clean:

The surface of the hollow bone drill main body and outer casing can be wiped with a clean gauze dipped in sterile alcohol and then held to prevent blood and other materials from remaining on the borehole and affecting the next use. The charger and battery can also be cleaned and stored in this way.

Note: The battery pack is strictly prohibited from autoclaving!

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