Use of swinging bone saw

Use of swinging bone saw

Swing Bone Saw Function.

Handle use: special handle for medical operation, automatic disinfection. The combination of precision machining and precision assembly ensures the internal quality of the entire machine and feels comfortable. We offer professional saw blades for easy operation.

Battery: the battery is safe and reliable, small in size and high in energy. Long life, no need to charge memory. Please note that it must be cooled before use. It must be cooled before charging.

Charger: charge within 3 hours to ensure battery life.

Mainframe: made of high-quality materials, powerful, lightweight, low noise, compact, durable, variable speed trigger, easy to disinfect and maintain, autoclavable to 135oC.

Swing Bone Saw Operation.

Battery charging: connect the charger to the power source. With the battery head facing down, align the alignment slot on the battery with the battery location on the charger and insert the battery into the charger.

Battery loading: hold the handle and lift the handle up. Push the knob to the “on” position and open the handle cover. Keep the battery with sterile gauze. Insert the battery into the handle in the direction of the arrow. Align the alignment slot with the position key inside the handle. Remove the isolation channel and cover the battery. Close the handle.

Saw blade loading and unloading: Press the lock to release the clip, release the fastener lock, and load the saw blade; push the fastener lock up to remove the blade.

Bone saw operation: insert the battery as described in the steps. Hold the handle and press and hold the chronograph button. As power becomes stronger, the speed will become faster and faster. When the button is fully pressed, the bone saw will run at full speed. The saw will stop working immediately after the button is released.

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