ND-4011 Craniotomy Drill

Where can I buy medical cannulated drills?

How to use the cannulated drill correctly?

The medical equipment produced by Ruijin includes cannulated drills, which are medical devices based on various orthopedic surgery practices. It features drilling, grinding, bone sawing, milling, and cutting. The use of the cannulated drill is very simple and convenient, with the characteristics of optional rotation, reversal, and high temperature and high-pressure resistance.

The cannulated drill is mainly composed of three parts, each of which is:

  1. Host: According to years of surgical experience, the cannulated drill has been continuously improved. Later, it was found that the use of long bone needles and Kirschner wires in orthopedic surgery was not suitable. The reason is that they are difficult to autoclave and cannot fully comply with the disinfection requirements of the health department. Long bone needles and Kirschner wires are also not safe during use, and sparkling sparks cause frequent medical accidents. The cannulated drill developed by Ruijin completely avoids these drawbacks. The precision deep core drill is precision, high temperature, and high-pressure sterilization, and the precision assembly combination ensures the inherent quality of the whole equipment.
  2. Pulse fast charger: The main feature of pulse fast charging is emergency and easy to use. The Ruijin cannulated drill incorporates advanced foreign charging technology to quickly charge and maintain the repeatable life of the battery under such rapid charging conditions.
  3. Cannulated drill battery assembly: The battery used is a high-performance nickel-hydrogen battery, which has the characteristics of small capacity, high capacity, and safety. It can be used for a long time on a single charge, and its life is very long.

About Ruijin

Ruijin specializes in the research, design, production, and sales of power tools for orthopedic surgery. The main products of Ruijin are orthopedic power tools, including medical bone drills, hollow saws, oscillating saws, reciprocating saws, and medical electric plaster saws. If you need a cannulated drill or other medical devices, you can contact us.