The Uses and features of Surgical Oscillating Saw

The Uses and features of Surgical Oscillating Saw.

Uses and features:

The surgical oscillating saw is one of the irreplaceable power tools for joint surgery. High temperature and high-pressure surgical swing saws have replaced industrial drills that can only be fumigated. A sharp surgical oscillating saw can be used for high temperature and autoclave sterilization. It can withstand temperatures up to 135 ° C and autoclave at 1.6 MPa. Some fumigation cannot kill bacteria and viruses, shorten the disinfection time, only 20 minutes at 135 ° C high temperature and high pressure, which has won valuable time for emergency surgery patients.

The surgical oscillating saw is mainly used for hospital surgery. This instrument is optional. The utility model has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small volume, light weight, no wires, convenient carrying, safe operation and short operation time.

Structure: The surgical oscillating saw consists of a main unit, a charger, and a battery. The outer casing of the product is completely enclosed. The charger is not intended for use as a medical electronic device.


The safe use of medical devices is directly related to the safety of patients and medical device users. Therefore, standards must be established to regulate the development, production, use, and maintenance of medical devices. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance and management of medical devices, improve the maintenance and maintenance of medical devices, extend the service life of medical devices, reduce costs, reduce waste, and improve medical quality.

Here are some maintenance methods for you:

  1. Prevent microscopic duration and timely eliminate the influence of external factors on equipment;
  2. Take preventive measures to prevent emergencies and ensure the safe operation of equipment;
  3. Establish a practical, regular inspection system to detect and eliminate hidden dangers of the device itself.

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