Cranial Perforator Drill

Cranial Perforator Drill

As medical technology gradually progresses, many treatments or surgeries that ordinary people do not dare to think about are continuing to explore and progress. Successful cases are also increasing. For example, some scary operations: craniotomy, heart-bridge surgery, nails implanted in the body, etc. Everyone thinks incredible medical technology has achieved great success in a specific environment and saved people’s precious lives. Ruijin Medical Products Company is always watching the industry news and today we would like to share another historical story about bold surgery – skull drilling.

Historically there have been cases of drilling holes in skulls, such as the 67-year-old Oxfamder of Oxfordshire, Amanda Fielding, and her 61-year-old husband, James Earl of Weems and March, James. Let the brain “absorb more oxygen” and make itself “smarter”. When they were young, they used dental drills to drill a hole in their skull. James used to be a scholar and lecturer at the University of Oxford, a well-known British university. He also taught Bill Clinton’s International Relations Division to former U.S. President.

And archaeologists have more than once discovered “high-precision round holes” in the Neolithic skulls, sometimes more than one. Some people boldly speculated that the skull that was discovered had undergone surgery at the time and could continue to survive after surgery. Scholars explained that such “skull drilling” can make people feel the feeling of happiness, just like the present hallucinogen.

The Russian “Pravda” reported that according to legend, King Arthur of England, the ancient Egyptians, and the Indians of the Mayan era were willing to make some changes to their heads, open their mouths or stretch their heads with bandages from the time they were babies. These bizarre practices have yet to be explained in the scientific community. However, according to the relevant data found in archeology, most of the “drilling techniques” are priests, then the aristocracy. Of course, this is still puzzling. There is an extreme argument that opening a hole in the brain can drive evil away from the brain.

A Dutch scholar, Bark Hughes, studied the effects of anesthetics on people in the 1960s. Unexpectedly, he gave an explanation for the cause of the “opening hole.” He said that opening a hole in the brain can make people feel happy, just like addicts. However, unlike alcohol and narcotics, drilling does not have any sequelae.

Scientific progress cannot be separated from the support of illusions and theories. Skull drilling surgery has now entered the public eye. With the help of a cranial perforator drill, this type of surgery can be performed. This is truly an amazing achievement!

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