Do you know the structure and introductions of craniotomy drill?

The craniotomy is one of the basic operations of neurosurgery. This is also the basic step of most neurosurgery operations. Some people worry about drilling into the cranial tissue. Please rest assured. Ruijin craniotomy drill has self-protection design, craniotomy drill in the above structure, the shell smooth, easy to handle, feel good, to better solve the man-machine relationship; using two DC motor drives to achieve high efficiency and high power operation Depth adjustment is controlled by the fader. The hollow drill bit drill sleeve can adjust the length so that the drill bit will not damage the deep structure during the drilling process, resulting in a clinical accident. The hollow drill bit rotates within the drill sleeve and can only cut the target skull without contact with the surrounding tissue and will not damage the surrounding tissue. Due to the return spring, the hollow drill and the push rod are automatically reset without pressure, facilitating and reducing contamination.

When in use, the motor frame and the motor are pushed by the push handle and the push rod, and a reset spring is provided on the hollow drill bit between the motor frame and the lower end of the housing. The motor frame pushes the hollow drill bit. The motor-driven hollow drill bit cuts the surface of the bone and controls the depth adjuster of the push rod and the drill sleeve. The adjustment length limits the cutting depth of the drill bit and prevents damage to the deep structure. Because the drill bit is a hollow structure, cutting chips into the cavity, to facilitate the work of the drill; and push the pusher is stopped. The return spring resets the hollow drill bit and the motor, and the hollow drill bit retracts into the drill sleeve. Then, use the handle to move the pusher blade lever down to push the debris out of the cavity of the hollow drill bit.

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