How to use a cast cutter safely

How to use a cast cutter safely?

A cast cutter is a device that removes cast material without damaging the skin.

Please note the following when operating cast cutter:

  1. Equipment maintenance must be carried out by professional technicians. The continuity of the cast cutter floor should be checked regularly.
  2. The continuity of the cast cutter floor should be checked regularly.
  3. The power cord should always be away from the blade cutting area.
  4. When disconnecting, unplug the cast cutter. Never pull on the power cord. Also, to ensure safety, plug the device into an outlet labeled “Hospital Class.”
  5. Do not operate the equipment in areas where flammable or explosive gases may be present.
  6. Disconnect the power cord before replacing the blade.
  7. Do not autoclave or immerse any liquids.

Also, keep your hands away from the cutting area when operating the device. At the same time, excessive noise is generated during the cutting process, so you should take care to protect your ears.

Practical tips for reducing the risk of cutting or burning skin when removing castings:

  1. A sharp saw blade should be used. Because the extra friction caused by the blunt blade generates a lot of heat.
  2. When the casting is removed, it is filled with a rigid strip of plastic to form a barrier between the saw blade and the patient’s skin. If there is no such device, a wooden tongue depressor can also be used to protect the skin at both ends of the casting.
  3. It is recommended to turn off the equipment regularly until it is sufficiently cooled, especially when cutting hard materials such as fiberglass and castings. Do not risk burning patients.
  4. Where practicable, the bone protrusion should be cut, not cut, to minimize the risk of direct blade contact and thermal damage.
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