Why use a craniotomy drill during surgery

Why use a craniotomy drill during surgery?

A craniotomy drill is a piece of surgical equipment that is surgically formed into a hole in a skull, also known as a drill bit. Depending on the type of surgery, the craniotomy drill can be used for further surgery or maybe the only injury to the skull. Simply put, this hole is a small hole that is operated by a craniotomy drill on the skull.

Craniotomy drill can be used for a variety of reasons, such as performing a larger craniotomy to allow cerebrospinal fluid drainage or chronic blood drainage. Usually performed under general anesthesia and involves surgical removal of part of the skull.

Craniotomy drill is an essential part of most brain surgery. Why? The skull is very hard and it is impossible to make a traditional incision with a scalpel. Saws can be used to cut bones, but cutting the skull requires special skills and techniques to prevent damage to the brain. Drilling allows controlled cutting in the skull without penetrating trauma to fragile brain tissue.

The drill hole of the craniotomy can be considered as the beginning of the incision for brain surgery, not the surgery itself. The surgeon can place multiple drill holes and then use different tools to connect the holes and lift a portion of the skull, which provides the surgeon with a working window.

Use a craniotomy drill when the brain has problems that must be treated surgically. In order to enter the brain tissue, the skull must be opened to allow access to the brain. In most operations, placing a drill hole in the skull is the best way to treat a disease or injury.

Neurosurgeons use craniotomy drills during craniotomy to enable them to complete various brain diseases and injuries. Some of the most common ones include:

  1. Relieve pressure on the brain
  2. Place a monitor and read the pressure inside the skull
  3. Removing blood clots
  4. Removing tumor
  5. Treating seizures
  6. Remove foreign objects
  7. Place medical devices, such as shunts or chemotherapy wafers

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