Reusable surgical instrument cleaning questions

Reusable surgical instrument cleaning questions.

Reusable surgical instruments provide a potential pathway for pathogen transmission in medical procedures. Therefore, the purification process using surgical instruments is an important step in preventing medical-related infections.

Global medical accidents due to improper decontamination of surgical instruments, inadequate or unsuccessful, indicate potential defects in the decontamination practices of medical devices.

According to statistics, in the medical literature database, Medline and Embase, articles detailing events related to the unsuccessful decontamination of surgical instruments were identified. Among them, 21 articles were identified to report incidents related to decontamination failure.

A large part of the incident involves attempting disinfection of the surgical instrument rather than disinfection. It has been reported that the instruments used in ophthalmic surgery are associated with decontamination failure.

Analyzing only the limits of published events means that you must consider the possibility of under-reporting (including an unwillingness to publish failures). Despite these limitations, the risk of cross-infection of reusable surgical instruments is relatively low, subject to cleaning/sterilization procedures. Reporting the diversity of events also indicates that failure is not systematic.

Despite the challenges of the decontamination process, iatrogenic infections directly related to the report appear to be rare. Healthcare professionals should be aware of the precautions associated with different SPT cleanups and should review the manufacturer’s instructions prior to purchase.

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