The Maintenance of surgical drills and saws

Medical-surgical power tools are currently sterilized by high temperature and high-pressure steam. Using the ordinary steam sterilizing device, water vapor will enter the motor housing, so that the coil of the motor will quickly get wet and affect normal use. The special vacuum sterilizing cabinet is expensive, especially It is imported equipment, which is difficult for small and medium-sized hospitals to bear. The advantages of the new medical power tool, in addition to the unique design of the closed chamber, high-efficiency steam dehumidifier, can completely remove the moisture in the motor housing during high temperature and high-pressure sterilization, and do not need to add expensive imported equipment, just ordinary steam disinfection device However, it has an extremely long service life, which greatly reduces the cost of surgery.

Medical power tool series

Medical power tools include medical bone drills, medical oscillating saws, and other products.

1、Medical bone drill structure

The medical bone drill comprises a main body and a drill chuck, and the main body is provided with an electric device. The power output shaft of the electric device is connected with the drill chuck, and the main body surface is covered with a sterile outer casing. Such a design can make the main body free of disinfection so that the performance of the electronic components of the bone drill can be stabilized and the service life can be prolonged.

2、Medical oscillating saw structure

The medical oscillating saw comprises a housing, a motor disposed of in the housing, an eccentric shaft eccentrically disposed on the rotor portion of the motor, a swing shaft disposed perpendicular to the eccentric shaft, and a saw blade fixedly disposed on the swing shaft. One end of the shifting fork is coaxially fixed on the swinging shaft, and the other end of the shifting fork has a groove, and the eccentric shaft is at least partially located in the recess. During operation, the motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate, the eccentric shaft drives one end of the fork to swing horizontally, and the other end of the fork is fixed on the rotating shaft, so that the rotating shaft drives the saw blade to swing and cut, because the shift fork and the swing shaft are integrally formed. Therefore, it avoids the frictional contact between the swing shaft and the shift fork, and the technique has the advantages of high strength and smooth transmission, and the service life of the medical saw is prolonged.

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