The Neurosurgical Drill

The neurosurgical drill is a medical device for minimally invasive craniotomy for neurosurgery clinical surgery. The structure is simple and convenient to use. It includes a drill body, a rocker, a shaft, a drilling card, a drill bit and a pair of intermeshing bevel gears, and the drill body is arched. A pair of bevel gears are respectively arranged on the mutually perpendicular axes of the drill body, and the bevel gear is integrated with the nut and the pressing nut provided on the rocker by the rocker and the pressing nut, and the drill is stuck on the outer side of the drill body and The shaft is connected as one body, and a handle is arranged under the drill body. The handle is provided with a finger recess, and the drill bit is provided with a scale. The top end of the drill bit has a flat tip shape, and the structure is simple, convenient to use, fast, and the wound is small, and the patient suffers. Less, it is worthy of promotion in the clinical operation of neurosurgery, especially in the rescue of patients with acute occipital cerebral palsy and all patients who need to perform extracorporeal drainage in the ventricle. However, the craniotomy requires two hands of the doctor to operate, most The key point is that the power source of the cranium is through the rotating bevel gear, which means that the doctor needs to rotate the rocker located above the drill body when the patient performs a craniotomy, and the rotary rocker drills the drill bit. The direction is bigger The impact of the drill may be offset, even if the doctor makes constant adjustments, it will lead to larger wounds, inaccurate position, and greater damage to the patient, which can not meet the needs of drilling surgery.

The neurosurgical drill of Ruijin Medical works by: when the patient is undergoing a craniotomy, the handle is held by one hand, the index finger and the middle finger are pressed against the nut, and the linear movement of the nut is converted into the rotation of the screw through the guiding structure. Movement, the power is transmitted to the geared fan, the gear, the output shaft and the drill bit. Due to the action of the one-way clutch disposed between the gear and the output shaft, the nut is repeatedly moved back and forth to rotate the output shaft in the same direction, thereby performing drilling Surgery, in this program, the power source of the craniotomy and the operator’s hand, no need to connect an external power source, easy to operate, low cost, and the structure is simple, easy to control the pollution source, on the other hand, drilling direction and operation The direction of the force is the same, there is no problem that the force of the hole causes the displacement of the hole to be displaced, and the bit of the drill bit causes the wound to be larger; the most sensitive part of the person – the index finger and the middle finger – is used as the power of the cranium The source not only makes the cranial device easy to control, but also allows for higher frequency operation, which greatly improves the drilling efficiency of the cranial device and reduces the patient’s efficiency. Pain, shortening the time of surgery.

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