Four Steps Before Using Surgical Oscillating Saw

First, what is a surgical oscillating saw?

The surgical oscillating saw is a medical-surgical instrument used for zero-bed operation such as joint surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery or arthroscopy.

Second, application.

  1. In the orthopedic treatment operation, the operation is performed by a pendulum saw, and the bone tissue is removed by a high-speed surgical oscillating saw. Improve total elbow joint replacement for complex elbow fractures.
  2. In orthopedic surgery, the oscillating saw is used for osteotomy and is widely used in osteotomy of the mandibular angle or another osteotomy.

Third, the advantages.

The surgical oscillating saw provides us with fast, precise cutting operations, powerful power, infinitely variable speed, accurate and stable. The whole machine can be autoclaved, lightweight, low noise, high speed and high proper calibration. Made of high-quality materials, it is comfortable and ergonomically designed for precise control without damaging soft tissue. Optimal balance and reduced arm fatigue.

The surgical oscillating saw adopts all imported materials, and the advanced processing technology cuts quickly and accurately; the new motor makes the power more abundant; ensures the bone cut surface is neat in the operation, greatly reduces the temperature rise of the bone surface; adopts the international universal multi-point crimping method, very good It solves the resonance phenomenon caused by most medical power single point crimping methods in China.

Fourth, related products.

We have the latest medical surgical oscillating saw. We have the highest quality orthopedic medical casting saws, hand-held oscillating saws, and other surgical equipment. Our surgical oscillating saw has a main working power of 14.4V, an output power of more than 20W, and a unit temperature rise of less than 30°C. Each configuration features a set of orthopedic medical castings, a saw unit, a charger, a battery, a circular battery transferring, a manual, and an aluminum case. Wuhu Ruijin Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer with many quality surgical power tools, such as drills and saws, bone saws, and plaster saws, medical drills.

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