The role and specification of cannulated drill

The role and specification of cannulated drill

If someone has severe trauma that causes a broken leg or arm and causes serious damage to the soft tissue, assistance can be provided through medical tools in the medical community. So which tool do you use? The medical cannulated drill is a choice for this function.

Cannulated drill is mainly used for intramedullary nailing and endoscopic surgery. Perfect ergonomic shape, high temperature and autoclaving, low noise, high speed, and long service life. The host can be connected to various adapters and can be replaced continuously for ease of operation.

Cannulated drill bits are used to maximize control of bone tunnel alignment. Use fine guidewires to drill holes that require bone tunnels or screw holes. When the surgeon is satisfied that the guidewire is correctly positioned, a hole is drilled along the guidewire to form a hole. To avoid unnecessary bone damage, guidewires can be positioned as needed.

Our cannulated drill rigs are divided into two types – disposable hollow drills and dual-use hollow drills, silver and black, made of aluminum alloy.

Core drill output power is 130W, working voltage is 14.4v, battery charging time is about 3 hours, rotation speed and swing frequency range are 0-1000rpm, the sound is not more than 45dB, Related torque is 3.5n / m, eccentricity is 0.05mm in axial direction beat.

It is equipped with an optional cannulated drill bit and can be customized according to customer needs. The multifunctional interface is more suitable for use in clinics. The Semiluser surface treatment technology enables the operator to operate more comfortably. Portable and lightweight, portable and lightweight.

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